Vaaleanpunaista musiikkia

Pink -nimisen levyn tai biisin ovat julkaisseet mm. 4she, Aerosmith, James Asher, Baby Chaos, Chem Lab, Chiaki, Cordelia's Dad, Countdown Singers, Dart, Duecie Nickels, Jean Mann, Medicine, Miss Papaya, Mj12, Gerad McClendon, Moving Clouds, Alex Nahabedian, Novacaine, Pantytec, Pellucid Error, Pink, Pocket, Repeat, David Rivera, Russian Love, Swirl, There you go, Toadies, triple creme, Peggy Vestas, Xspace, John Zorn


5 Pink Fingers (Keith Richie) 12 Cellos Pink (Oliver Kraus) 17 Pink Sugar Elephants (Vashti Bunyan)


Alias Pink Puzz (Paul Revere & The Raiders) All Around Pink (Ophelia) At Rolling Rock: Those Pink and Black Days (Narvel Felts)


Back from the Pink Room (Pink Lincolns) Beyond Pink (Barbie, Ruby Blue) Big Pink & Wrong (The Beautys) Big Pink Dress (Guttermouth) The Bitch Wore Pink (Politicks) Bob's Pink Cadillac (William Parker)


Cautiously Crowded Pink Dream (Spiritual Zoo) Cherry Pink (Eddie Calvert) A Clockwork Pink (The Next Step) Cosmic Pink (DJ Nob Tee)


Danzon Pink Gum (Overproof) Dawn Pink (Miu Sakamoto) The Day It Rained Pink Flowers (Bryn Morgan Evans)


Electric Pink (The Promise Ring)


Feeling In The Pink (J R Ryan) Final Magenta (Ove Johansson) A Fine Pink Mist (Jake E Lee) Floating Magenta (Solefald) Fluorescent Pink Mustang (Paul Kotheimer) Fuzzy Pink Hand-Cuffs (Dillinger Four)


Galleries Of Pink Galahs (John Williamson) Geek In The Pink (Jason Mraz) The Girl in the Pink Hat (Colin Owens)


He Wore Pink (The Kimberly Trip) Hot Pink (Meat Puppets) Hot Pink, Distorted (50 Foot Wave) Hot Pink Dress (SO IT GOES)


I Am Pink (Hinano Yoshikawa) I'd Love To Mingle But there just too much Pink In Here (George Demure) I'll Follow Magenta Skies (Rancho Diablo) In Love With The Eighties (Pink Tux To The Prom) (Relient K) In The Pink (Doc Fingers and His Real Gone Rhythm, Psychedelic Furs, The Young Knives) Inhale Pink (Billy McLaughlin) Into The Pink (Verbena) It Must Stink To Be Pink (Folkfoot Lyrics)


Juicy John Pink (Procol Harum, A Salty Dog)


Kerrs Pink (Heimalanne)


Lady Fuchsia (Strawbs) The Land Of Pink Flamingos (Blue Yard Garden) Light Pink Album (Stephen Allen Davis) The Light Within: Pink SKYES (Current) Lily The Pink (The Irish Rovers) Lily the Pink (Brobdingnagian Bards, Peter Petrel, The Scaffold) The Little Maid in Pink (Eduard Holst) Little Pink (Barefoot Boy with Boots On, Joe Crookston) The Little Pink Bird (Cockroach) Little Pink Flowers (Violet Lyal) Little Pink Mack (Kay Adams) Little Pink Radio (Hope Nunnery) Little Pink Rat (Mike Lane) Little Pink Star (Ben Kweller) Little Pink Stars (Radish) Living in a Big Pink Edsel (Hulley Gulleys)


Magenta (James Asher, Enrique Bunbury, Circulation, Hooverphonic) Magenta Radio (Rusted Root) March Of The Pink Elephants (Doug Ballance) The Marine's Lament Or The Pink Peril (Small Fred) Meet The Creeper Pink Pussy Mix (Rob Zombie) Monster in Pink Underwear (Andy Glockenspiel) More Pink (Casino Mansion) Mourning In Magenta (Beyond The Embrace) Mr. Pink Eyes (Cure) Mrs. Patrick Casey's Swell Pink Tea (Edgar Smith) Mrs. Pink (Aurora) Music From The Big Pink (The Band) My Love is Pink (Sugababes) My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe (Bonzo Dog Band) My Pink Jaguar (valleyforge) My Pretty Little Pink (Cordelia's Dad)


Nitrogen Pink (Polly Scattergood) Noisy Pink Bubbles (Devin Townsend)


One Pink Rose (Alex Hebert) Only Girls Wear Pink (Krakd) Out of the Pink Into the Blues (Mouse & Twink) Out Of The Pink Sky (Steve Kilbey)


Paint it Pink (Mad Happy) Panzer Pink (Nikhil Singh) Peepsie, the Penguin, and the Pink Parachute (Auntie Muffin) Peony Pink (CLAMP Campus Detectives)


The Pink (Dirty) (Ying Yang Twins) The Pink Album (Tuscadero) The Pink Album...Plus (The Pagans) Pink And Fuzzy (Martin Hall) A Pink And Pleasant Land (Ken Dodd) Pink And Velvet (Berlin) Pink Ark (Jaqee)


Pink Baby Monster (Mark Gould and Pink Baby Monster) Pink Ballet Slippers (Holy Smoke, The Roches) Pink Balloons (Mike McGill) Pink Bedroom (Rosanne Cash, John Hiatt) Pink Belly (Rustic Overtones) Pink Bikini (in Waikiki) (Pizza Prostata) Pink Blues (The World Without Magic) Pink Bomb (Indica) Pink Boo (Flick) Pink Bottom Blues (Zoe Wood, Larry Evans) Pink Bubbles Go Ape (Helloween) Pink Buddha Blues (Bill Nelson) The Pink Building (Lily Was Here) Pink Bullets (The Shins)


Pink Cadillac (Al, Circus Sideshow, Natalie Cole, Crister, Brian Joens, John Prine, Rocket-88, Bruce Springsteen, Soul Incision, Debbie Voltura) Pink Canoe (Katie Kidnell) Pink Carnations Ep (Animals That Swim) Pink Cashmere (Prince) Pink Cellphone (Deftones) Pink Champagne (Astman Brothers, Elliott Chavers, Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames, Gold Coast Refuse, Joaquin, Max X, Akina Nakamori, Sue Palmer, Vostok All Stars) Pink Chandelier (Nellie McKay) Pink Cheerleader (The Third Men) Pink Chimneys (The Promise Ring) Pink Chrysanthemums (Kevin Hume) Pink Cigarette (Mr. Bungle) Pink City (Xiu Xiu) Pink Cloud (Blmchen) Pink Cloud Assembly (Hide+Spread Beaver) Pink Cloud In The Sky (Johnny Headband) Pink Clouds (Esowellnic, Superchunk) Pink Coloured Anger (Chick Habit) Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag (LL Cool J) Pink Cowboy Boots (Todd Tally)


Pink Deluxe (Chokebore) Pink Destruction (Venus 6) Pink Diggily Diggily (Pauly Shore) Pink Dinosaur (Miss Papaya) The Pink Dolphin (Tim Timmermans) Pink Dreads (Vince Conaway) Pink Dream (The Cure) Pink Dress (Kapuka, Kitty Terry, Donna Lewis) Pink Drink (Guided By Voices) Pink Dust (Phillip Gregory) Pink Dust & Meeting Of Minds (Magoo)


Pink Echoes (Leslie Melcher) Pink Ego Box (Muse) Pink Elephant (Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Randy Coleman, Shanie Evans, Ali Spagnola) Pink Elephant Magic (Joanne Brackeen) Pink Elephants (Capsule Queen, Mick Harvey) Pink Elephants On Parade (elokuvasta Dumbo; Lee Press-on and the Nails) Pink Elephant Song (Barbie Bones) Pink Emerson Radio (Kathleen Edwards) Pink Evening (David & The Citizens) Pink Eye (Sleep Capsule, Ween) Pink-Eye Paranoia (Bondage Fairies) Pink Eyed Pony (Crane A.K.) Pink Eyes (Venus Diode)


Pink Fairy Duster and Hummingbird Moths (Smoke & Mirrors) Pink Fairy Wish Poodle (Divine Maggees) Pink Feather (Delta 12) Pink Flag (Wire) Pink Flamingo (Lenny Ibizarre, The Privates International Band) The Pink Flamingo (Bruce Campbell) A Pink Flamingo And You (Junkanoo Brothers) Pink Flamingo Blues (Brent Burns, Eblend) Pink Flamingo Kind Of Love (Rebecca Lynn Howard) Pink Flamingos (Tracy Byrd, Electric Six, Gary Small & the Coyote' Bros.), Rickie Lee Jones Traffic, Zuba) Pink Florida (Jennifer O'Connor) Pink Flower (Daisy Chainsaw, Frederick Moore) Pink Floyd and Alison (Chris Porro) Pink Fluffy Dinosaurus (Hooverphonic) Pink Fog (David Diggs) Pink Frog - Cold Smoke (Darkside) Pink Frost (Chills) Pink Frosty (Fugazi)


The Pink G R Ease (Pink Grease) Pink Girl (Shauna Burns) Pink Glasses (Funny Money) Pink Glove (Pulp) Pink Gloves (Joshua Lanes) Pink Gnat (UBIB60) Pink Guitar (Sim Redmond Band, Sticker) Pink Gun (Butt Trumpet, Guided By Voices)


Pink Hat (Naked Blue) Pink Heart (David Tao) Pink Holler (Papa M) Pink House (The Leather Nun, Leoncie) Pink Houses (Avail, John Cougar Mellencamp)


Pinkiltä kaikki näyttää (Mami) Pink in the Middle (Home Cookin') Pink Inc. (Alex Deutsch, Pink Inc.) Pink India (Stephen Malkmus) Pink Inside (Greg Bowman) Pink Island (mushroom)


Pink Jazz Trancers (Devo) Pink Jeans (The Morningsides) Pink Jelly (Tripping Daisy) Pink jumps in the ring (Oresund Space Collective) Pink-Just like a pill (Pink)


Pink Killer (Dir en grey) Pink Kundalini (Cyrille Verdeaux)


Pink Lady (Face to Face, Sono Oto, Klaus Suonsaari) The Pink Lady (The Wernt) Pink Lady Gym (Mutation) Pink Lagoon (Ninja) Pink Lavender (Gypsy Fly) Pink Leather Jacket (New York to Tokyo) Pink Leather Jumpsuit (Rooney Tunes) Pink Legs (Plastic Fruit) Pink Lemonade (Da Brat/ Debra Killings, Jump Little Children, Kittie) Pink Lemonade Fea Aries (DIRT BOMB) Pink Lemons (Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club) Pink Light (Laura Veirs and Saltbreakers) Pink Link (Cucumber) Pink Lipstick (Suzanne Paris) Pink Love (Blonde Redhead) Pink Loveseat (Jordi Rosen)


Pink Machine (Reservoir) Pink Maggit (Deftones) Pink March (Alexei Zoubov) Pink Marshmallow Moon (Big Country) Pink Mischief (A Brokeheart Pro, Jeanette Katt) Pink Mist (Thomas Newman) Pink Monster (Mew) Pink Moon (Nick Drake, Lamya, Sebadoh) Pink Munky (Pitre)


Pink Napkins (Frank Zappa) Pink Noise (Polecats, Rock Me Amadeus) (Beck) Pink noise -6dB (Bengt Ernryd) Pink Noiz (Joe Kelnhofer) Pink Noize (Beatnik Filmstars)


Pink Office (Lady Sinatra) Pink On the Inside (Sara Hickman) Pink On White Walls (Paul Weller) The Pink Opaque (Cocteau Twins)


Pink Pajamas (Theory of One) Pink Panther (Henry Mancini; Mike Strickland) The Pink Panther (Hip Pockets) Pink Panties (Ric-E-Bluez, Schema) Pink Parakeet (Stan Ridgway) Pink Paris (Freelander) The Pink Part (Reverend Tribble) Pink Passion (Dwight Pinkney) Pink Pearl (Jill Sobule) Pink Pedal Pushers (Carl Perkins) Pink Peg Slacks (Eddie Cochran) Pink Pegged Slacks (Eddie Cochran) Pink Peonies (Truth About Daisies) Pink Perfume (David John Duckworth) Pink Petticoats (Big Bopper) Pink Piece Of Peace (Redd Kross) Pink Piggies (Electrocutes) Pink Pills (Mavis S) Pink Pink Rain (Swell) Pink Pinks (M. Walking On The Water) Pink Pony Caf (Mulu) Pink Princess (The Fall Guys, Pocket Biscuits) Pink Punk (DJ Tatana, Wilfried) Pink Puppet (Bows) Pink Pussy (Keek Dogg, Konvict, Kulei) Pink Pussycat (Devo)


Pink Ribbon Tattoo (No Effect)Pink Riots (Dog Fashion Disco) The Pink Room (Zoe Chilco) Pink Rose (Marsi Carr)Pink Roses and the Graveyard (Glassjaw) Pink Rupee (Black Star Liner)


Pink Saloon (Darren Hume) Pink Sand (The Stereotypes) The Pink Sandias (Mylene L. Chamblain) Pink Scab (Rachel Stamp) Pink Screaming Girl (Jay Walters) Pink Sea And Wondering Without (Matt Ulery's 'Loom') Pink Serenity (Bloem De Ligny) Pink Shack Blues (Mark Almond) Pink Shoe Laces (Dodie Stevens) Pink Shoes (The Red Tyger Church) Pink Sky (Jan Michael Looking Wolf) Pink Sky At Night (Instance of This) Pink Sleep (Rada) Pink Slimy Worm (Sweet Sue Terry) Pink Slip (Bjørn Berge, JFA, Gregg Outlaw, Supersport 2000, Carmen E. Vega, The Waking) Pink Slip Blues (Ida Cox) Pink Slips (Watkins & the Rapiers) Pink Sneakers (The Bluestation) Pink Sock (M.O. Joe) Pink Soda (Rotoscope) Pink Space (Speeka) Pink Spaceman (No Sports) Pink spider (Hide, Jazoo) Pink Splendora Junk (Andre van Rensburg) Pink Squares (I Was A Cub Scout) Pink's Song (Richard Wright) Pink Stack House (Clee 7s) Pink Star (B'ehl) Pink Stars And Magazines (Useless I.D.) Pink Star of the Beautiful Ohio (Julien Aklei) Pink Steps (Latin Playboys) Pink Stilettos (Pirates of Novelty Hill) Pink Stuff-11 (Beat Nakz Productions) Pink Sun (J.D.Blackfoot) Pink Sunset (Mr Stevi B and the InterGalactic Light Machine) Pinky Swear (The Movielife)


Pink Tarantulas (The Blood Brothers) Pink Tea (Alien Ant Farm, Cam'ron) Pink Telephone (Commander Chameleon) Pink The Floyd (Kukan Dub Lagan) Pink Thing (Xtc) Pink Things (Token Entry) Pink Thong (Ton) Pink Thoughts (Moving Units) Pink Thunderbird (Jeff Beck, Go Getters, Herman The German, Richard Redding, Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps) Pink Tights (Dave Jacoby) Pink Toenails (Dixie Chicks) Pink Torpedo (Going South) Pink Triangle (Weezer) Pink Triangle Brigade (Edward)


Pink Umbrella Pink Underwear (Alex Colvin)


Pink Vapor Stew (Fishbone) Pink Victim (Combustible Edison) Pink Vs. Piss Colored (Pharmacy)


Pink Waltz (Athana) Pink water 3 (Indochine) Pink Wet Lips (Vas Deferens) Pink Whales (Dazz) Pink Wine Sparkles in the Glass (The Guess Who) Pink World (Planet P)


The Pink Years (Tangerine Dream)


Pinker Than The Moon (J*me) pinkHouse (Many Birthdays) Practically Pink (R&D) Pretty in Pink (The Gothees, Psychedelic Furs, Social Distortion, Sweetbox) Pretty Pink (David Banner) Pretty Pink Ass (Jacaranda) Pretty Pink Flower (Ruffage & Chwhynny) Pretty Pink Ribbon (Cake) Pretty Pink Rose (Adrian Belew, David Bowie) Little Pink Stars (Radish) Prinsessa Vaaleanpunainen (Kuusumun profeetta) Punajuuren Värinen Ompelukone (Klamydia)


Real Pink Thing (Bobby Lindstrom) Recalling the Pink Cloud (Doug Pitts) Regards From Chuck Pink (Leo Kottke) Ribbons of Pink (Chyanne Rae and Cityfolk) Rococo Pink (Superlux) Rosa (Pe Werner) Rose Colored Glasses (Blue Rodeo, Jennifer Brown, Jo Davidson) Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows (Jars Of Clay, Petra) Rose-Colored Times (Lisa Loeb) Rose coloured (Mega City Four) Rose Coloured Glasses (Eric Carmen) Rose Pink Room (Adam Moore) Rules and Regulations to Pink Sunshine (Fuzzbox)


Sacred Pink (Lisa Lauren Smith) Sadistic Pink (Hekiru Shiina) Santa Fe Pink (Two Star Symphony) Santa Got A Pink Slip For Christmas (Fran Archer) A Saucerful of Pink (Coll) Scathing Pink (Chris Olsen) Sevillanas Pink (Las Ketchup) She Bleeds Pink (The Living Blue) Shitty In Pink (The Beltones) Shocking Pink Banana Seat (Susan James) Show us your Pink (Still it Cries) Sink The Pink (AC/DC) Sinking Pinks (Subtle) Skumfuk (Under The Pink Noise - Dr. Ool) (Arzt+Pfusch) Sometimes Gay Guys Don't Wear Pink (Dwarves) Songs from the Pink Death (Kramer) TheSquarePinkMoon (Ongo) Stormy Pinkness (They Might Be Giants) Strike Me Pink (Blondie)


Taste of Pink (Prisoners, Ruud De Grood) Think Pink (Twink) Thinks Pink (Franky Truth And The Outlet) Tickled Pink (David Hillis & Allan Johnson, K.D.Lang, Ragtime Bill Rowland) Tiny Pink Noise (The Avengers) Tire Pink (Lairdander) Touch of pink (Sub-level 03) Two Pink Lines (Eric Church)


Under The Pink (Tori Amos) Under A Pink Moon (Joe LoCascio) Uzi (Pinky Ring) (Wu-Tang Clan)


Vaaleanpunainen aamu (Kisu) Vaaleanpunainen asuntovaunu (Leevi And The Leavings) Vaaleanpunainen kitara (Heidi Kyrö) Vaaleanpunainen kuplavolkkari (Mikko Mäkeläinen & Myrskylyhty) Vaaleanpunainen maailma (Freelance) Vaaleanpunainen majatalo (Jussi Hakulinen) Vaaleanpunainen palvelu (Aavikko) Vaaleanpunainen pantteri (Jassen kissa, Katri Helena) Vaalenpunainen rättisitikka (Kalle Ahola) Vaaleanpunaiset unelmat (Rospuutto) Vaaleanpunaista samppanjaa (Karelia-Puhallinorkesteri) Valoom Padoom Pink (Or Something) (ESP) Vinnie's Pink Guitar (Graham Greene)


The Year We Painted Pink (Andreasson Elisabeth) Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (The Flaming Lips) You are wearing pink (Trailer Camp) Your Underweare Is Pink! (Q Fish)

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